Dominer Black Ops Zombies : Guide de Stratégie Ascension

Black Ops Zombies Ascension Strategy Guide

Ascension Solo Strategy

Rounds 1-29:

  • Stay in the room with the power switch and keep the gates next to the power switch and the Juggernog machine shut.
  • Any gun will work for the first few rounds.
  • Go to the Mystery Box and roll for a Thundergun and Ray Gun.
  • Switch between both weapons, using the Ray Gun primarily.

Rounds 30-100:

  • Move around the area to get zombies into a cluster and blast them with the Thundergun.
  • Conserve ammo and avoid relying too much on the Ray Gun.
  • Acquire perks like Juggernog, Speed Cola, Stamin-up, and PhD Flopper.
  • Pack-a-Punch your weapons as soon as possible.
  • Avoid the Death Machine, as it slows you down.

Monkey Rounds Solo Strategy

  • Every 4-5 rounds, Monkey Rounds will occur, spawning Space Monkeys that attack perk machines.
  • Focus on protecting Mule Kick and Speed Cola.
  • Purchase traps as soon as possible to eliminate most monkeys.
  • Take out remaining monkeys with any equipped guns.

Rounds 100 and onwards:

  • Make your way to the Pack-a-Punch machine.
  • Stand in front of it, facing the Rocket Room, and wait for zombies to spawn.
  • Run into the Rocket Room, cluster zombies, and blast them with the Thundergun.
  • Repeat this process, keeping an eye out for Monkey Rounds.

Ascension Team Strategy (2-4 players)

Rounds 1-29:

  • Don't open the gates.
  • Turn on the power and try your luck at the Mystery Box for a Ray Gun and Thundergun.
  • Have one or two team members round up zombies while the rest shoot them.
  • Alternatively, have each team member guard a different spawn point.

Rounds 30-100:

  • Have teammates take turns to get their perks and weapons Pack-a-Punched.
  • Keep a close eye on them and revive them if they get downed.
  • Follow the same general strategy as solo play.

Monkey Rounds Team Strategy

  • As the squad size increases, Monkey Rounds will occur more frequently.
  • Defending perk machines becomes easier with a larger team.
  • Purchase traps and have each team member guard a specific portion of the map.
  • Station more experienced players around Mule Kick and Speed Cola.

Rounds 100 and onwards:

  • Stick together and follow the strategy described above in the room with the Pack-a-Punch machine.
  • Have at least one player purchase PhD Flopper and have them dive at zombies to deal extra damage.
  • Alternatively, have different team members stationed at different spawn points to take out zombies.

14 mai 2024
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