Boostez vos Armes et Descendants au Max dans The First Descendant

Levelling Up Descendants and Weapons Quickly in The First Descendant

Unlocking Special Operations

To level up your Descendants and weapons quickly, you'll need to unlock Special Operations, accessible to the left of the initial spawn in Albion HQ. Look for Kingston Albion Resource Defense, a horde mode-like activity.

Farming Method

Matchmake with other players to clear the area faster. Enemies will spawn in three main areas, so position a player near each and take them down. If you're levelling up weapon proficiency, use Bunny and her electric aura to quickly slay enemies. For Descendants, use Ultimate SMG Thunder Cage or a high-DPS machine gun.

Tips and Tricks

  • Check the middle section constantly to prevent the bomber enemy from damaging the defense point.
  • Complete seven waves, then extract and repeat the process.
  • Upgrading weapons requires a higher-level weapon and a Phase Exchanger. Use the Weapon Level Transmission tab at the Workbench to upgrade your weapons.
  • Ultimate weapons require Precision Phase Exchangers, which can be crafted at Research using materials from dismantling weapons.

By following these tips, you'll be able to level up your Descendants and weapons quickly and efficiently in The First Descendant.

6 juillet 2024
Écrit par Laura Marques